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LH Camera is a small technology company owned by Henrik Holleufer and Brian Hansen. For the two founders, diving and underwater equipment has been of great importance over the years, and where the interest in the maritime environment only has grown further.

Our vision is to be a leading supplier of compact high-performance video systems, for the maritime workplaces, that can make a difference in everyday life for both the environment and occupational safety. Equally it is important for us to be competitively united with a reasonable pricing that is adapted to the different target groups.

Over the years we have built up a great knowledge of video footage below sea level, starting with small analog video systems for ship inspections, fishing and commercial diving, however since the beginning, a lot has happened, through a good collaboration with scientists, biologists and high-tech companies all over the world, we currently have a large range of subsea underwater cameras, analogue and digital video systems aimed at the offshore industry, marine research, commercial diving and the fishing industry, including optimization and environmental efficiency of aquaculture.

About underwater equipment for specialists

On these pages, you will be able to find further information about our products and how we develop them. Here you get insight into what the different products can be used for and where they perform particularly effectively.

Do you miss information about some of our products? You are always welcome to contact us and we will update the page with more info. If you have specific questions or need advice, you can contact us on 71 99 71 80 for a non-binding interview.

Cameras for professional divers

Over the years, LH Camera has been frequently involved with commercial diving and developed specific products for the purpose. Here, you will find professional underwater cameras that are recognized in the industry for their reliable quality. You get a sharp image in real-time, which follows any movement underwater.

At the same time, the cameras are well built and can withstand the challenges and tasks you are faced with underwater. Here you get Danish quality in a class of its own, where we as developers have put our mind into your needs as a commercial diver. If you need an innovative solution, we are ready to brainstorm in collaboration with you, in order to develop the most optimal solution for the task.

Our underwater cameras, equipment, and accessories are Danish produced and preferably in collaboration with our reliable partners. These include specialists in the media industry as well as researchers and developers in the maritime environment.


Underwater cameras for research and contractor assignments

At LH Camera, we are often involved in projects for research or complex contractor tasks to be performed underwater. For research, we know that it requires incredibly accurate data with a sharp camera in order for accurate investigations to be made. That is why our underwater cameras have been tested in different marine environments and for different purposes. The video recordings are very accurate, and thanks to efficient server systems, we ensure that there is no delay in the recordings – at the same time as they are stored.

For construction assignments, we have, through extensive experience with various engineering projects, excelled in incredibly sharp and accurate live-stream videos. Here you can follow via an ROV or a diver under water, while, for example, columns are being built for a bridge or maintenance is carried out under water. Set up various cameras around the project and get a solid overview.

Development of ROV Cameras

Our specially developed ROV cameras are advanced underwater equipment, which is mainly used for mounting on ROV. These can be used for research, quality checks, and underwater safety checks. Our ROV cameras have incredible light sensitivity, can work in low light conditions, and are equipped with Pan Tilt Zoom, so that you can control the camera 360 degrees. Here, the camera is mounted on an ROV, which examines in-depth and can go deeper than is physically possible for humans. Use the camera effectively to mount on your ROV.