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Go Deep with a Professional ROV Camera

LH Camera is the specialists’ choice when it comes to underwater investigations, quality control and safety checks. This is due to our large selection of professional underwater video equipment – and especially our advanced ROV Camera. We offer a top-of-the-line professional Subsea Pan Tilt Dome Camera. The camera is recognized for its effectiveness and functionality in ROV piloting and ROV service.

The high light sensitivity and extreme wide angle optics of 104 degrees make our ROV camera the obvious choice for experts in the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) field, were an underwater robot is used instead of a diver. It is usually in connection with installations, maintenance and search and rescue that you need to go very deep. If a project requires extra or special equipment, LH Camera can help with a customized solution. Due to our extensive experience with ROV cameras, we are ROV pilots’ preferred choice.

Choose an ROV Camera from LH Camera

The professional ROV camera comes in a standard version with and without zoom and with integrated depth and compass sensors. It has a very fast 360 degree pan rotation and can go down to 10 bar. We can also custom make cameras for greater depths. The advanced video camera has a 1/3” Sony CCD chip 700 TVL 960 x 576 effective pixel resolution, which means that it takes razor-sharp pictures under all conditions in the darkness of the ocean.

Sturdy Equipment for the Underwater Robot

Our ROV camera is made of a sturdy material that can hold up under even the most extreme conditions. The high resolution means that you can clearly see even the smallest details on the recordings. Please contact us to learn more about our effective ROV camera for underwater use.