The Galathea 3 Expedition

Peter Roepstorff – professor of protein chemistry at Syddansk Universitet (University of Southern Denmark) – and his research team borrowed underwater video equipment from LH Camera for the research project “Fluorescent Proteins” in connection with the Galathea 3 expedition.

The scope of the research project was to find new, fluorescent proteins in the ocean. The video camera was equipped with a filter that made it possible to see if animals and plants were fluorescent when they were illuminated with ultraviolet light. It turned out that the video camera with it’s high light sensitivity was particularly useful for this project.

Peter and his team recorded several hours of underwater video on the mobile hard disk while diving off the Solomon Islands and the Virgin Islands where they found a wealth of fluorescent organisms that they didn’t even know existed.

Read more about the Galathea 3 Expedition here.

DTU Aqua

LH Camera has provided underwater video cameras to DTU (Denmark’s Technical University) Aqua where they use them e.g. in connection with marine biological studies about the behavior of codfish around wrecked ships in the North Sea.

DTU Aqua (previously Danmarks Fiskeriundersøgelser; the Danish Fisheries Research Institute) is a department at Denmark’s Technical University.

DTU Aqua works with research, consulting, education, innovation and communication regarding the sustainable use of live resources in the ocean and in freshwater bodies. The department is a consultant to the Danish Ministry of Foods and other public authorities, the fishing and aquaculture professions and internal commissions.

Wide Open Outdoor Film by Niels Vestergaard

LH Camera has sold underwater video cameras to one of Denmark’s best recreational angling authors and fish film producers, Niels Vestergaard from Salar Publishers & Wide Open Outdoor Film. Niels uses underwater cameras to show fish behavior in many of his exciting fish films, e.g. in the series Sea Trout Secrets.

I am a recreational angler myself and do many different kinds of fishing – it is my great interest in and passion for recreational angling that creates both films and books.
– Quote: Niels Vestergaard, Salar Publishers & Wide Open Outdoor Film

Salar Publishers publish books and Wide Open Outdoor Film produces films about recreational angling.

You can buy the films and books at sporting goods stores that sell fishing equipment, online as well as in all the bookstores in the country.

Odense Zoo

In 2008, LH Camera provided Odense Zoo’s divers with complete video/lighting and communication equipment.

The set consists of a video/light and communication case. The equipment is used when Odense Zoo facilitates communication between divers and the audience.

Two large screens have been put up by the manatee aquarium so that the audience can see the diver’s video recordings from the aquarium. A communicator outside of the aquarium communicates with the diver via a wireless headset so that the audience has a real-time experience of diving with the manatees and the other exciting animals and fish in the aquarium.

LH Camera has also put up a monitor and provided a specially designed video camera that is used when the zookeeper feeds the piranhas.

We have installed a video switch box with the penguins so that the zookeeper can bring a video camera when he feeds the penguins. Via a large screen the audience can follow closely outside the penguin facility when the zookeeper gets close to the animals.

The North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals

Early in 2008 we at LH Camera had the pleasure of visiting the North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals, Denmark, to demonstrate our underwater camera. The North Sea Oceanarium already had an underwater camera but they were looking for a better quality camera. The camera is used when a diver feeds the fish in the Oceanarium. We were proud to deliver a good quality underwater camera to a customer who greatly appreciates quality.

It is impressive to see the Oceanarium with its 4,500 million liters of sea water and 2-3000 fish, including the two sunfish Anton and Andrea.

In the Oceanarium, the diver hand feeds the fish at feeding time.

The diver is equipped with an underwater camera and films what he experiences so it is possible for the visitors to get very close.


Underwater Camera for Rehabilitation

An underwater camera is one of the aids used in dog rehabilitating. John Thile Madsen from Funen’s Dog Centre has the only training centre in the country that specializes in rehabilitating dogs who for one reason or another have been physically injured as a result of e.g. surgery, a traffic injury or hip dysplasia.

Most dogs can swim but very few of them swim properly in the beginning. That means that the dog runs the risk of overloading both the musculoskeletal system and the circulatory system. It is therefore necessary to have an instructor with enough experience who can be in the water with the dog.

LH Camera had the pleasure of providing a complete underwater video system to Funen’s Dog Centre. We actively create solutions for each individual customer’s need. John Thile Madsen chose a solution where the video operator uses video glasses to get large format video recordings.

Using a video camera mounted on a telescopic rod, John can now follow the dog in the swimming pool. The video recordings are recorded onto a computer.

He can follow the training on a video screen via the underwater camera so that John knows for sure that the dog is training optimally without being overloaded. The pulse is also being observed during the entire process.