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Commercial Diving as a Specialty

LH Camera has the optimal solution for all commercial divers who want their camera equipment to be permanently installed on the ship, in the dive truck and – most of all – on their diving helmet. With LH Camera, commercial diving becomes a professional pleasure. Technology and functionality are front and center in our model Pro commercial diving camera. It is a top-of-the-line color video camera that has a Subconn connector, high light sensitivity and extreme wide angle optics 0.1 lux, ~120°.

Seal of Approval from the Industry

The camera is recognized among commercial divers for its high quality and stability when performing professional commercial diving under dark and cold conditions as well as under difficult conditions. A Pro commercial diving camera provides you with the best equipment for the job and the first class photo and video equipment ensures the best possible documentation of your diving work.

A Popular Product

LH Camera also offers another popular product in commercial diving. It is Subsea Video control panel or portable video case that comes in several versions:

This provides the commercial diver with complete control over video, diving lamp and communication from the surface. The intensity of the light in the lamp can be regulated smoothly up and down without a drop in voltage. There is an integrated sunlight viewable monitor in the lid of the case, which is attached to the diver’s video camera. It is easy to connect the video/light and diver’s telephone to the case using a plug. There is an integrated output for both audio and video for recording to the video recorder or a PC. The video cases have an integrated 24 VDC outlet. They are available with a 230 VAC/24 VDC power supply and integrated rechargeable battery pack.

Video/Light/Diver’s Telephone Case

Complete control of video/diving light and diver’s telephone for divers and tender as well as outputs for an external speaker and recorder are built into the video/light/diver’s telephone case. Please contact LH Camera to learn more about our many solutions for commercial diving.