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MPEG-4 videooptager

LH-USB Recorder – fast and efficient documentation system of underwater video recordings with LH Camera USB recorder that can easily, quickly and efficiently perform documentation work on water. The LH-USB recorder stores all recordings (audio and video) directly on a USB device. It allows you to have the documentation ready for the customer immediately after the recordings are completed. The device is available in both This documentation system is intended for the professional user who wants to facilitate the documentation work.

Subsea MP4 Video recorder

Fast and efficient documentation system that record underwater video and Audio footage directly to USB storage media as MP4 file. It allows you to have the documentation ready for the customer immeasurably after the recordings are completed. Available as stand alone unit or as built-in our portable/surface mount video control unit.

With a single press on the Yellow photo button, you can take a JPEG image on-the-fly without interrupting the recording. Text overlay with date and time and a custom text anywhere in the video frame. On the stand alone unit you can easy Connect your analog video to BNC video in and BNC out to and external monitor. RCA Line input for connect the sound from diver telephone.

The Subsea MP4 video recorder have two USB ports internal and external storage. In the menu it can be set to both, so recording will simultaneously record to both devices as backup of your video recording.


  • Standalone unit in anodized aluminum measuring 165mm L 105 mm W 35 mm H
  • Records video directly to USB Flash drive.
  • JPG photo snapshot while recording video.
  • Recorder Analog video with 720 x 576 @ 25 fps (PAL) resolution.
  • Video in H.264 compression format MP4 files.
  • Possibility of Audio input from ex diver phone.
  • Optional timestamp of the time and date on video image.
  • Voltage 12V DC.
  • Direct playback of recorded video and JPG photo.
  • BNC Video Out for viewing on external monitor.

Video recorder with a 2.5” display. The unit measures 70 x 50 x 15 mm. Records in full D1 quality 720 x 576 25 fps up to 10 Mbps.Mini D1 Video recorder video recorder that store video on a micro SD card (max. card size 32 GB). Rechargeable battery. The unit is very user-friendly. Video compression MPEG-4 AVI LH Camera has designed and tailor-made a functional aluminum dive housing for this type of video recorder.

This set includes:

  • 1 rechargeable battery
  • 230 VAC charger
  • USB cable
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