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Special projects of Underwater Equipment

Special projects.

Over the years, LH-Camera has received a lot of inquiries with requests to have equipment developed for very special and unique tasks by various craters.

We offer open innovation, close cooperation between the customer and us, where we share our competences in the underwater video industry, to identify the need for equipment, to meet the customer’s needs.

Special solutions can be of many kinds, it can be from special cable configurations with unique and demanding rubber moldings, to a large number of wireless camera systems, used for assembly and immersion of giant steel structures on the seabed for the wind turbine industry. Solutions that are used to increase safety around handling and reduce the cost of using ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and open-water commercial divers.

OEM. Products are also developed and produced in the company. We have several customers who over the years have had developed OEM cables, camera and lamp types, to meet the needs to their machines and who now have their product portfolio produced by us in larger and smaller series productions.