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Video Server

LH Camera provides various customized Video server solutions for fixed mounting, or as portable units, for a wide range of underwater video inspection purposes:

  • Marine fish farming
  • Wind turbines
  • Commercial diving
  • Marine research
  • Offshore
  • Underwater construction and development work

A video server is a device that allows the user to collect and/or transmit one or more live images from underwater cameras to a PC or mobile device. The video server also switches external devices on and off, e.g. switches lights on at night.

Video transfer is made via a cable, WiFi or GSM connection. The server records video footage from one or more cameras for subsequent viewing and examination. The same function can also be achieved via the software to a PC and via the app to mobile devices. To allow anyone anywhere in the world to follow your progress, you can stream video images via a local network or online.

The server is available with 1-6 camera input sockets. Depending on its intended use, the server can be configured as a mobile device or static installation.

Typical video server applications

Marine fish farming:

  • You can watch live video via the internet from anywhere in the world, via a PC, tablet or smartphone. All you need is internet access. If you use a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera, you can even follow the movements of fish inside a net or tank.
  • To avoid over-feeding your fish stock, you can observe precisely when feed intake stops (and therefore save money).
  • You can observe fish movement and well-being, and spot the first signs of disease.


Wind turbines:

  • When lowering wind turbine foundations to the seabed, you can observe underwater operations as a crane manoeuvres elements into position.
  • During wind turbine tower assembly (above and below the surface), you can stream live images wirelessly via several cameras mounted inside the tower to the crane operator so that he can manoeuvre the elements extremely accurately into position.
  • Subsequently, you can use CCTV footage of the wind turbines e.g. to make maintenance work easier.


Marine research:

  • Live observation and data collection from marine habitats. Observe marine life on a reef.
  • Live streaming from rivers, fish ladders and reservoirs.


Underwater construction and development work:

  • Using cameras mounted in the grab, deck crane operators can monitor the lowering of e.g. large stones and blocks when positioning bridge piers. The operator can follow his progress via a PC or monitor from the bridge of the vessel. Video recordings may be used to document the work.
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LH Camera also provides customized solutions where we develop equipment and systems in close cooperation with the customer.

We work closely with a wide range of partners in electronics, computer and video industry, so no tasks are too small or too big for us.