Portable Video Inspection



Portable 8.4″ sunlight viewable monitor in a robust bag with a harness so you can carry the unit around your waist. The set is compact and only weighs 2.5 kg. It is portable, durable and user-friendly with 12 volt battery operation with an operating time of approximately 4 hours before recharging or changing to backup batteries.

The set is very versatile and is used for e.g. inspection of streams and waterways, aquaculture/fish farming, port and wharf facilities, sewer systems etc.

The Biologist’s Third Eye
It is here – the biologist’s ”underwater eye”! The new tool that can discreetly study waterways, lakes etc. under water.
The latest addition is this mobile and lightweight equipment that is equipped with a flexible video telescopic rod and camera head which make it optimal for studying lakes and waterways as well as for port, hull and sewer investigations.
The camera is the user’s extended eye and it sees everything under water. The set also includes a portable monitor and a hard disk recorder.


The following is included in the set:

  • 4″ sunlight viewable TFT LCD colour monitor
  • Bag and harness
  • 12 V rechargeable battery pack
  • Switch box with an on/off switch
  • Standard plug for cable connection
  • Video output for a video recorder
  • 230 VAC charger

Wireless Video Inspection

Easy and inexpensive underwater video inspection with LH Camera’s newly developed Wi-Fi video controller box.

The system is plug and play. The Wi-Fi box only weighs 570 g and is installed in a belt that you carry around the waist.

Download the app to your iPhone or Android phone. Connect the underwater video camera to the Wi-Fi box and live video will be displayed on your Smartphone or iPad/tablet and it can even be recorded and stored on your unit (Android version 2.2 and later versions or iOS version 4.3 and later versions).


The Wi-Fi video controller box is suited for the user who wants an easy, smart and inexpensive system for underwater video inspection – e.g. on board the boat where you can quickly examine the ship’s hull for any damage or for inspection of zinc anodes. The box is also suitable for finding lost objects in the harbour or for a quick inspection of wharf facilities.


The system is flexible and can be adapted to the exact solution you want. We have different kinds of video telescopic rods in different lengths and with the option of installing different types of tools and video lamps, depending on the customer’s need.


  • The Wi-Fi video controller box has an integrated rechargeable battery with an operating time of approximately 3 hours (extra battery can be purchased for easy replacement). Mounted in a waterproof peli case, L 160 x W 120 x H 50 mm
  • Operating voltage 12 VDC
  • The video resolution that is sent via Wi-Fi to an iPhone, iPad or Android-smartphone/tablet is VGA 30 frames per second with H.264 video compression
  • Transmits the video signal wirelessly up to approx. 100 m in the 2400 MHz frequency band.
  • RCA video output for connecting an external video recorder or monitor