Our Pro video recorder is for the user who wants a robust video recorder that records with the market’s highest image quality.
Records in full D1 720×576 with a full 20 Mbps.

Video format MPEG-2 which can be burned directly onto a DVD without any post-processing.
The video recordings will be stored on a CF card.

The dimensions are 151 x 76 x 21 mm and the recorder weighs 300 g. The unit is able to store video recordings from up to three different video cameras. This type of recorder can be built into LH Camera’s video cases and has a waterproof CF slot. Communication from the diver’s telephone can be connected to the unit with an RCA plug (phono plug).



Main Specifications:

  • 720 x 576 25 fps
  • 20 Mbps recording for each input
  • Waterproof CF slot
  • Audio input
  • 9-12 V operating voltage
  • Memory from 14-136 min./GB
  • Recording format MPEG-2