LH Camera has developed a completely new HD underwater video camera that can record in full HD quality, 1080×1920. The camera is cylindrical, 54 mm in diameter and suitable for being installed on a diving helmet, on fishing gear, on a Towfish or as a standalone camera in connection with ocean research. It has an integrated recorder with storage capacity that can record video in full HD for up to 10 hours.

The camera is operated with one Plug and Play connector. When it is connected to the unit, it starts recording and continues until the connector is disconnected, which stops the recording. The camera is incredibly easy to operate and very user-friendly.

Video files are easily transferred from the camera to a PC using the accompanying USB/charging adapter plug.

The camera comes as a standalone camera or with an analog video out output so you can see live recordings from the camera on an existing analog installation using a 75 Ώ coaxial cable connection to the surface and at the same time store full HD video in the camera’s internal memory.


  • HD underwater video camera made of POM and stainless steel AISI 316.
  • Camera dimensions: Length 235 mm, diameter 54 mm
  • Can record and store video in full HD 1080p H.264 with 30 fps
  • Pressure tight 20~50 bar (200~500 meters)
  • Fitted with a Subconn connector
  • Option of analog output via a cable connection to the surface
  • 120° wide angle optics
  • Plug and Play data transfer of video files to a PC from the camera’s memory
  • The camera battery has up to 10 hours of run time and is rechargeable

Video of LH Trawl Eye camera mounted in Sperling trawl aboard the Danish fishing vessel L227 Grethe Hviid