Underwater Housing

As a manufacturer of underwater video equipment LH Camera has developed different types of underwater video housings for recording under water.

Underwater housings are used in e.g. ocean research and fishing where underwater video is recorded in connection with observing e.g. marine life or fishing equipment. Housings come in different sizes and materials depending on the desired depth and battery time.

Wireless HD Trawl Underwater Video Camera

LH Camera has developed a completely new underwater video camera called HD Trawleye that can record in full HD 1920 x 1080. The camera is called a trawl camera and is cylindrical with a diameter of 50 mm and is suitable for installation on a diving helmet, fishing equipment, Towfish or ROV. HD Trawleye has a built-in recorder with storage capacity. It can record in full HD quality for up to 10 hours.

The camera is operated with one plug and play connector that is connected to the camera. The camera starts to record when the connector is attached and stops when you take out the connector. The method is extremely easy and user-friendly.

Video files are easily transferred from the camera to a PC by using the included USB adapter/charging plug.

The trawl camera comes as a separate camera or with an analog ”video output” so you can see live recordings from the camera on existing analog installation via a 75 Ώ coaxial cable connection to the surface and at the same time store full HD video in the camera’s internal memory.


  • HD underwater video camera made of stainless steel AISI 316.
  • Can record and store video in full HD 1080p H.264 with 30 fps.
  • Pressure tight to 50 bar (500 m)
  • Fitted with a Subconn connector
  • Option of analog output
  • 120° wide angle optics

Model Multi-Camera Input

We offer a robust stainless steel trawl camera with the option of connecting up to four underwater video cameras. The underwater housing has a built-in professional video recorder that can store video recordings from all four cameras.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery pack with an operating time of approximately 12 hours and also comes with a Subconn connector for attaching a camera.

Professional Underwater Housing

We also offer a sturdy cylindrical trawl camera which fits our MPEG-4 video recorder.

The underwater housing consists of a lid and a threaded cylinder with a double O-ring seal. It is pressure tight up to 20 bar.

Underwater Housing Model Vision

Finally there is our advanced camera for special underwater recordings. It is extremely well-suited for inspection in connection with commercial diving where an inspection must be performed in a tight space – e.g. in connection with inspecting bow thruster systems on ships.

By attaching the camera to a small telescopic rod the diver will be able to direct the camera inside even in tight spaces and at the same time see the recordings on the video recorder monitor. All parts are made of sturdy salt water-resistant materials and the advanced camera is pressure tight up to 100 m.

If you would like, we can install an extra video output so that the video operator on land can follow along with the recordings.