Hydrodynamic Towfish

Hydrodynamic Towfish.

Our hydrodynamic Towfish, is designed for camera movement through the water, it is sold for a variety of seabed surveys, with live video feed to the surface.

The Towfish is easily and effortlessly handled by individuals, using a line from the stern of the ship,  it slides completely calmly using stabilizing wings through the water like a torpedo heading towards its target. It thus offers a unique opportunity to carry a camera close and completely stable across the seabed, thus providing the finest live video on the bridge.

The construction of electrically polished stainless steel makes it very robust, so that it can be passed tightly over stone reefs etc. It is available as standard with fittings for our range of analog and HD cameras as well as for 2 of our led lamps for optimal video reproduction. Inside the construction of the “fish” there is made room for a depth and temperature sensor.

The Towfish is also available in a version with the option of mounting a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) dome camera, which further increases the ability to track an object across the seabed.

The Towfish is separate bar and which allows it to fit in a Peli Case model 1500 for storage and transport. This can be supplied with the Towfish as an accessory.

  • Size: Total length: 610mm, Diameter Ø210mm
  • Weight: 3100g
  • Material: Stainless steel and black Pom