Cable Xtreame 6/3, back in stock

3. October 2019

Our popular Xtreame 6/3 cable, is back in stok

Subsea trawl camera

3. April 2019

The Subsea trawl camera is designed for video recording on deeper water, where the stainless steel construction makes the camera extremely robust and therefore suitable for attachments in larger fishing gear on Towfish or as a standalone camera for deep sea research.


VMR-4, Video Multiplexer

3. March 2019

The video multiplexer system is designed for stereoscopic video recordings under the sea surface, typically in the context of research studies. Our VMR-4 video multiplexer allows the connection of 4 high definition (HD) cameras.

Wireless transmission of HD video in the Wind turbine industry

4. September 2018

Another happy customer in the Wind turbine industry. Wireless transmission of HD video from the turbine elements during setup at sea.

Safety and effective

Special solution for Mine clearance

12. February 2018


Special solution, for mine clearance in the German rivers

Subsea Video Control centre for the professional diver

7. April 2017


New Subsea video Control Centre¬†for integration in 15″ light sensitive monitor, USB video recorder, stepless adjustment of video lamp.

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Subsea PTZ camera, with depht and temperature sensor

23. February 2017

Subsea PTZ camera, now with integrated depth and temperature sensors

Lightweight Subsea Video Camera

28. September 2016

New Professional lightweight subsea video camera, colour, with fisheye lens and SubConn Micro connector with 4 contacts.

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