LH Camera is a small technology company owned by Henrik Holleufer and Brian Hansen. For the two holders, diving in different forms has been of great importance over the years, and where the interest in the maritime environment only has grown further.

Our vision is to be a leading supplier of compact high-performance video systems, for the maritime workplaces, that can make a difference in everyday life for both the environment and occupational safety. Equally it is important for us to be competitively united with a reasonable pricing that is adapted to the different target groups.

Over the years we have built up a great knowledge of video footage below sea level, starting with small analog video systems for ship inspections, fishing and commercial diving, however since the beginning, a lot has happened, through a good collaboration with scientists, biologists and high-tech companies all over the world, we currently have a large range of subsea underwater cameras, analogue and digital video systems aimed at the offshore industry, marine research, commercial diving and the fishing industry, including optimization and environmental efficiency of aquaculture.

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Tel. +45 71 99 71 80